Co-worker Gifts That Won't Break the Bank!

Co-worker Gifts That Won't Break the Bank!

Gift giving in the workplace can provide such an uplifting, endorphin boosting experience for you and the receiver. Often times though, it can be a real struggle financially depending on the time of year or number of gifts you need to purchase.

We've curated a list of fun gifts that are perfect for your besties and co-workers and are sure to increase serotonin levels rather than send you slinking into a dark hole of dollar store randomness.

While dollar store items can absolutely get the job done, sometimes you just want something a little more for those that you truly appreciate in your work life.

1. Office Supplies:

Cute sticky notes and fun pens are always a good option. These items can easily be slipped into an envelope with a card, added to a gift basket or even given as standalone gifts for a quick pick-me up, thank you gift or holiday gift.

Affordable Women's Earrings

 2. Earrings:

Whether you choose to gift a pair of earrings that are perfect for daily wear or a more bold option, earrings and other costume jewelry are always an affordable gifting option. Choose a pair that reminds you of them and let them know why. It will make the gift that much more special. Quirky coworker = quirky and fun earrings while a more reserved coworker would enjoy a more refined and classic style.

mermaid LED light up tumblers with lid and straw

3. Tumblers:

We love this one because you can easily stuff the bottom with crinkle paper and add a few fun pens, sticky notes, candy or even a small trinket. Such a great way to be personal and intentional. With so many fun styles of tumblers, you're sure to find the perfect match to their personality. Starbies gift cards are easy to throw in these too.

Cute Cement Emoji Planter with Faux Succulent

4. Desk Plants

Elevate their workspace with no-fuss faux potted plants. No green thumb needed for these cute gifts. Discover  almost any size and style for the perfect fit. So whether they have an office or a smaller cubicle space, the options are abundant.

Remember, it's the thought that counts when it comes to coworker gifts. These affordable gifts show that you care and appreciate your coworkers without breaking the bank. Spread some joy and positivity in the office with these thoughtful and budget-friendly gifts!

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